The Total Alignment® Analytics & Consolidated Reporting Solution

Comparative Insights.  Consolidated Reporting.  Unprecedented Transparency.


The Total Alignment® Analytics and Consolidated Reporting (“ACR”) platform was designed for high net worth clients who hold assets at multiple institutions and require transparency and consolidated monthly reporting regarding how those assets are performing relative to fees and applicable benchmarks.  Unlike most traditional investment platforms, ACR does not require any transfer of assets and in fact is discouraged at engagement.  Rather, the platform was designed specifically to deliver comparative insights and analysis, not alpha, in order to empower clients to make informed financial decisions regarding the management of their overall portfolio assets.

In addition to providing monthly consolidated performance reporting and advisor commentary, ACR clients enjoy three additional features. First, ACR clients may have certain private alternative investments initiated by clients or their investment managers reviewed and analyzed by our Chief Analytics Officer in the context of their overall portfolio holdings. Second, ACR clients have the ability, but not the obligation, to move any, all or no assets into passive model exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolios at no additional fee with TAWA’s subsidiary firm, TA Capital Management, in situations where active management is not worthwhile. And third, through our in-house proprietary Empoweris™ technology, ACR clients can receive aggregated comparative insights regarding how their fees, performance and allocation compares with other clients on the ACR platform.

The ACR platform begins by developing an overall investment policy statement (“IPS”) setting forth the client’s expectations, risk tolerance, investment parameters and overall objectives.

Once the investment policy statement is established and accounts are aggregated, our Chief Analytics Officer will then begin distributing to the client consolidated monthly performance reports regarding all portfolio assets, along with comments and observations.

On a quarterly basis thereafter, the Chief Analytics Officer will then supply overall commentary on the management of the portfolio and the existing investment policy statement.  The commentary will review matters such as: (i) whether or not managers are conforming to the client’s investment policy statement, (ii) what macroeconomic conditions may be having a positive impact or negative impact on the portfolio, (iii) what changes the client should consider to his or her investment policy statement in light of such macroeconomic conditions and various life events that have occurred, and (iv) whether active managers appear to be delivering value in excess of fees and applicable benchmarks.

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