The Total Alignment® Personal CFO

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Returning Time, Money, and Peace of Mind. 

The Total Alignment® Personal CFO is our annual bundle of quarterly financial reviews that includes various services designed to return time, tax and fee savings and overall peace of mind.  By providing independent analysis and assistance in managing matters that clients would otherwise have to manage themselves, the Personal CFO service aims to provide more frequent support than the Periodic Reviews provide, but not as much as what the Private Family Office provides.  The Personal CFO typically provides support on matters typically beyond what traditional advisors are willing, able or incentivized to provide.

The Personal CFO service begins with the development of the Comprehensive Financial Plan.  During this process, our team will collect, review and summarize various financial data and documents from multiple sources.  This includes insurance policies, tax returns, estate planning documents that the client may authorize us to retrieve from third party advisors.

Once financial data and documents are summarized and consolidated, our team will then construct various “what if” analyses and independent research to discover how the attainment of goals would shift if certain decisions were made or if various life events occurred.  This process will also reveal various techniques to save money – such as through shifting assets for tax savings, reducing excessive interest rates, appealing high property taxes, increasing insurance deductibles or minimizing unnecessary fees or portfolio risks.

Once the Comprehensive Financial Plan is delivered, the Personal CFO service continues for the next 12 months with the following implementation and monitoring services:

  • Ongoing Support from a Senior Associate in Preparing Paperwork and Managing Documents
  • Quarterly Reviews with Your Wealth Advisor to Track Progress on Completing Action Items
  • Access To Comprehensive Financial Technology to Maintain Financial Organization & Oversight

The Total Alignment® Personal CFO is ideal for busy individuals whose needs do not justify the intense level of delegation that the Private Family Office service provides but whose situation nevertheless necessitates a moderate level of independent analysis and ongoing administrative support.

The Total Alignment® Personal CFO is ideal for most business owners, investment bankers, security traders and analysts, doctors and other higher-level medical professionals, rising corporate managers, consultants, most lawyers and any divorcees, widows or widowers, retirees or same-sex couples with reasonably significant assets and a desire for independent evaluation.

To learn more about our Personal CFO platform, watch our 2-minute general video here and our technology security video here.

Total Alignment Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee-only financial planning and multi-family office wealth advisory firm. Total Alignment was founded by a group of clients to provide a fully transparent and unbiased family wealth advisor to perform services typically beyond the scope of services other advisors were providing. We are proud to be able to offer our multi-disciplined expertise, superior research, proactive diligence and unique client-centric structure to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. Our comprehensive analysis, advanced financial planning technology, well-seasoned expert advisors, extensive network of outside advisor resources, and informative “what if” hypothetical projections have reduced risks and excessive costs for our clients, in addition to saving them time on matters that they would otherwise have to handle themselves. We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and whether Total Alignment would be a fit for you. We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 212-913-9110.