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Total Alignment Wealth Advisors, LLC (“the Firm”) is a New York-based state registered investment adviser. In addition to its registration with the State of New York, the Firm is also registered with the District of Columbia and Texas and may periodically become registered in additional jurisdictions. As a general proposition, the Firm provides administrative and wealth advisory services to select high net worth individuals and families. Provision of investment-related advice may be one component of such services, but the Firm may also provide advice on a multitude of other financial planning topics as well. In addition, notwithstanding any relationships the Firm has with providers of legal services, nothing on this site or in the Firm’s materials shall be intended to convey legal advice or to otherwise give the impression that the Firm itself provides legal advice or legal services. Moreover, while the Firm does provide investment consulting services to its clients, the Firm may be limited in accepting clients based on its registration status as an investment adviser in the state in which the prospective client is a resident. The Firm does not provide discretionary investment management services that can or should be viewed as a replacement for the role of a traditional discretionary investment manager. As such, any client or prospective client is encouraged to retain his or her existing investment management relationship for transactional implementation of investments, and must further inquire about the Firm’s registration status in a given prospective client’s state of residence. The Firm reminds all clients and prospective clients that all investments carry risks, and that past performance does not secure or guarantee future results. The Firm generally considers broad diversification strategies to be most prudent, and the Firm generally does not endorse overall asset allocation strategies that contradict this diversification principle. Except as it relates to the Firm’s TA Planners division, the Firm has an established policy of only entering into agreements with those individuals considered to be “accredited investors” as defined by U.S. securities laws. While both the Firm and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission suggest that the final interpretation of whether you may be considered an “accredited investor” should be assessed with your attorney, the SEC has provided general guidelines on the following site: www.sec.gov/answers/accred.htm. At all times, if you do not qualify as an “accredited investor” as defined by U.S. securities laws, the Firm cannot and will not accept you as a client. Moreover, the Firm is at no point obligated to accept any given individual or group of individuals as clients, even if that individual is deemed an “accredited investor” or otherwise fits the profile of a typical client of the Firm. To the extent that individuals or spouses have entered into an agreement with the Firm, the Firm may under certain conditions extend incidental administrative and wealth advisory services to that individual’s children and/or grandchildren; however, the Firm is under no obligation to do so. The Firm encourages all individuals considered to be “accredited investors” as per U.S. securities laws to carefully review the Firm’s ADV Forms and related information available at www.iard.com.