About Us

Total Alignment Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee-only financial planning and multi-family office wealth advisory firm. Total Alignment was founded by a group of clients to provide a fully transparent and truly unbiased family wealth advisor to perform services typically beyond the scope of services other advisors were providing. We are proud to be able to offer our multi-disciplined expertise, superior research, proactive diligence and unique client-centric structure to enable clients to make informed financial decisions.   Our comprehensive analysis, advanced financial planning technology and research tools, extensive network of outside advisor resources, and informative “what if” hypothetical projections have reduced risks and excessive costs for our clients, in addition to saving them time on matters that they would otherwise have to do themselves.

Total Alignment Has Three Service Levels and Various Institute Offerings:

Level 1 – The Comprehensive Wealth Review

The Total Alignment™ Comprehensive Wealth Review is our one-time service designed for individuals and families who, often as a result of experiencing a life event, require expert-level assistance in collecting, organizing and analyzing their overall financial situation. For the development of the financial plan, our team will typically perform 20-30 hours of analysis, research and writing while requiring only 30-45 minutes of a client’s time. The plan development process generally involves our team collecting (from other advisors, if so requested) all insurance policies, tax returns, wills, power of attorney documents, healthcare directives, any trust agreements, investment holdings and overall spending information. Once these documents and information are reviewed, synthesized and confirmed with the client, and risk tolerance and overall objectives are established, our team will compute future cash flow projections and various “what if” hypothetical scenarios in order to arrive at final conclusions and recommendations. A detailed and unbiased written financial plan will then be delivered and summarized in a 2-4 hour presentation meeting. Due to financial planning and oversight being Total Alignment’s only business, the end benefit will enable clients to make the most optimal financial decisions that will help them achieve stated life goals while also saving excessive costs and worry in the future. Typical and ideal clients for this service include those who are (or will soon be): widows or widowers, business owners, divorcees, transitioning employees, same-sex couples and non-traditional families, retirees and families whose complex needs warrant the ongoing Private Family Office service but who desire to begin the engagement with a lower, one-time starting commitment.

Level 2 – The Personal CFO

The Total Alignment™ Personal CFO is our annual service designed for individuals and families who require not only a Comprehensive Wealth Review to start, but also require ongoing access thereafter to our WealthLook Monitor™ aggregation system and assistance from our team for various post-plan administrative and implementation projects. For these clients, the Total Alignment™ Personal CFO will offer access to our WealthLook Monitor™ and our assistance for an entire year following the plan, with discretionary annual renewals thereafter. The end benefit enables clients to make informed financial decisions that will not only save them excessive costs and worry in the future, but will also save them time currently through implementation assistance and monitoring. Typical and ideal clients for this platform include business owners, retirees, lawyers, corporate executives, doctors, widows and widowers, divorcees, investment bankers and others who require both a Comprehensive Wealth Review and ongoing assistance but whose needs are not complex enough to warrant the Private Family Office service.

Level 3 – The Private Family Office

The Total Alignment™ Private Family Office is our ongoing service designed for high net worth and ultra high net worth families who have the highest total wealth oversight needs and require specialized attention and oversight. These services include, but are not limited to: customized monthly aggregated reporting, complex risk analytics and research, outside advisor due diligence, benchmarking and coordination, proactive document management, expense tracking, privacy enhancement measures, opt-in client-to-client charitable and social impact collaboration, and 20-to-1 attention and oversight from one of our seasoned senior wealth advisors, who will provide flexible evening and weekend communications. The end benefit allows busy high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals to make informed financial decisions that will save them time, excessive costs and worry. Through our independent “pure oversight” form designed to avoid any competition with existing advisors already in place, our team is able to provide expert-level, unbiased oversight and total coordination and reporting services beyond what those traditional advisors provide. Typical and ideal clients for the Private Family Office include owners of large and complex businesses, private equity and hedge fund managers, celebrities and professional athletes, managing partners of large law firms and c-level Fortune 500 executives.

Total Alignment™ Institute of Research and Learning

Our research and education-based platform designed to inform our clients and their families about the latest trends and opportunities in wealth planning, in addition to educating them on either basic or advanced financial matters. Services provided through the Institute may include: periodic wealth advisory newsletters, research-based corporate seminars and financial planning workshops, private advisory memorandums for single-issue questions or private research, whitepapers and/or children’s financial literacy workshops.