The Total Alignment® Private Family Office

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Your Entire Financial Life. Now Simplified.

The Total Alignment® Private Family Office is the highest and most involved service offering of Total Alignment, and was the primary purpose for its creation.  As a hallmark offering for the financial planning industry, the Total Alignment® Private Family Office offers truly unbiased and expert-level oversight, analysis and attention on all aspects of one’s financial situation – including advanced estate planning, cash flow tracking, tax projections, insurance, personal risk management, privacy, investments, stock options vesting, credit, college planning and asset protection.

The Private Family Office is unique not only in its breadth of services, but also in its distinguished “pure oversight” design allowing for legitimate, independent evaluation of traditional advisors without competing with those advisors.

The Private Family Office was designed to relieve the burdens of high net worth and ultra high net worth families who have limited time and/or interest in overseeing all of the moving parts within their financial lives. In particular, these clients seek relief from the following obligations:

  • Tracking and Categorizing Spending Across Multiple Accounts
  • Monitoring the Performance and Cost Basis of Investments Held at Several Institutions
  • Evaluating Various Advisors’ Fees Against The Value Provided By Those Advisors
  • Managing Extensive Legal, Tax, Insurance and Real Estate Paperwork
  • Researching, Analyzing and Prioritizing Various Financial Action Items
  • Coordinating Among Attorneys, Investment Advisors, Accountants, Private Bankers and Insurance Representatives
  • Worrying About How Heirs Would Manage Upon Their Passing

For these clients, the Private Family Office offers a holistic suite of time-saving and expert-level oversight and advisory services. More specifically, in addition to the document and data collection and informative analysis offered in the Comprehensive Financial Plan, and the ongoing access and proactive maintenance of our WealthLook™ aggregated site offered in the Personal CFO, the Private Family Office also includes the following services:

  • Dedicated Oversight and Attention, including Weekly Calls by a Senior Wealth Advisor Who is Limited to 20 Clients
  • Flexible Evening and Weekend Communications
  • Monthly Customized Aggregated Reporting and Proactive Monitoring of Expenses, Investments and Overall Action Items
  • Outside Advisor Oversight, Fee Analysis, Due Diligence, Benchmarking, Task-Tracking and Coordination
  • Preparation of Tax Organizers, Tax Impact Analysis, Deductible Expense Tracking and Tax Research
  • Discretionary Extension of Personal CFO Services to Any Lineal Adult Family Member (Based Upon Consent By All Parties)
  • Real Estate Mortgage and Financing Research, Including Lender-by-Lender Cost Comparisons
  • Support Services to Clients Serving as Trustee or Executor, including Trust-Specific or Estate-Specific Record-Keeping
  • Vesting Tracking and Tax Impact Analysis on Stock Options, Deferred Compensation and Restricted Stock Positions
  • Personal Risk Management Services, Privacy Enhancement Techniques and Insurance Policy and Credit Report Reviews
  • Discretionary Opt-In Collaboration for Client-to-Client Charitable Giving Projects and Social Impact Investing
  • Proactive Tracking of Business Interest Values and Related Entity-Level Income and Expenses

Typical and Ideal Clients for the Private Family Office Include the Following:

  • Private Equity Managers and Hedge Fund Managers
  • Owners of Large and Complex Businesses
  • Managing Partners of Major Law Firms
  • C-Level Fortune 500 Executives
  • Celebrities and Professional Athletes
  • Widows or Widowers Inheriting Significant Wealth
  • High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth Divorcees and Same-Sex Couples
  • Individuals Owning Sizable Assets in Multiple Countries

To learn more about our Private Family Office platform, contact our Chief Wealth Advisor Robert Hayden, JD, CFP®, CDFA™ at 212-913-9115 or

Total Alignment Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee-only wealth advisory and multi-family office firm. Total Alignment was founded by a group of clients to provide a fully transparent and unbiased family wealth advisor to perform services typically beyond the scope of services other advisors were providing. We are proud to be able to offer our multi-disciplined expertise, superior research, proactive diligence and unique client-centric structure to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. Our comprehensive analysis, advanced financial planning technology, expert advisors, extensive network of outside resources, and informative “what if” hypothetical projections have reduced risks and excessive costs for our clients, in addition to saving them time on matters that they would otherwise have to handle themselves. We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and whether Total Alignment would be a fit for you. We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 212-913-9110.