Total Alignment™ Virtual Wealth Monitor

The Total Alignment™ Virtual Wealth Monitor is a powerful and secure web-based wealth management service that helps you organize and gain better insight into all aspects of your financial affairs.  All of the reports available through the service are living reports, which means that they integrate with all of your financial institutions, as well as other sources, to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information about your entire financial life.

Some of the key features of the Total Alignment™ Virtual Wealth Monitor include:

  • A financial dashboard that reflects your most relevant information
  • The ability to set up alerts to remind you of important events, such as upcoming insurance premium payments
  • Budgeting and spending analysis tools
  • Real-time tracking of all of your spending and transactions across all of your various accounts
  • A personal balance sheet that combines all of your assets and liabilities in one easily read report
  • Investment holding reports updated based on current market values which aggregate data across your investment accounts and show information based on each individual account
  • Detailed tools to help you better understand your expected long-term cash flow and needs
  • The ability to authorize spouses, accountants, or other trusted advisors to have full or limited access to help better understand your understand your situation now or in the future
  • Categorize and export spending transactions to track tax deductibility
  • A fully secure digital vault to access all of your important documents

For a video showcasing the technology, see our general video here and security video here.

To register for this service, and allow our associates to help retrieve and organize your information, click here.