Additional Administrative Services

<strong>Mail Sorting. Expense Management. Anti-Clutter Relief.</strong>

Additional Administrative Services (“AAS”) was designed for Total Alignment’s clients with multiple homes who seek relief from excessive mail clutter, missed bills and a failure to notice other important items that would come in periodically among a massive amount of junk mail. For these clients, AAS will set up a separate P.O. Box that will, depending on the client’s preference, accept either all mail on an auto-forwarded basis from all homes, or just select items of importance from specific people, vendors or institutions (such as banks). Once the mail arrives, AAS will act upon standing instructions to either (i) open & review all of the mail, (ii) open & review specified items of mail, or (iii) simply sort & package the mail for periodic sending to the client. In addition, AAS can link in accounts from outside institutions into a data aggregation tool in order to track expenses. And if a client requires assistance with the payment of certain bills, AAS can enter payment data into a client’s bank account site for client’s approval.

What about Privacy? Our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. As such, all employees of Total Alignment Wealth Advisors, LLC must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, in addition to being subject to background checks. Moreover, at all times the client will control the extent to which AAS will or will not be involved in their mail and expense management, and AAS will never have discretionary payment authority or control over client’s funds. At all times the assistance of AAS will be subject to the approval of the client.

$500 per month (for those subscribing to the Total Alignment Family CFO™ service) $850 per month (for those not subscribing to the Total Alignment Family CFO™ service)