Company Constitution – Our V.I.E.W.

Viewpoint and Holistic Approach

Total Alignment’s advisors will maintain a holistic viewpoint regarding the client-advisor relationship, addressing a client as a multi-faceted individual and not as an isolated issue, as a transaction waiting to be made or as a book of assets. Instead, Total Alignment’s advisors should be incentivized to maintain long-term client relationships, striving to know more about such clients than any other advisor. Such a close client-advisor connection requires continuous interactions with its clients and its clients’ other advisors, diligent tracking of progress on action items, unquestionable independence, a respect for the role and expertise of clients’ traditional advisors, access to all areas of clients’ financial lives, sufficient expertise to identify major issues on such areas and a solid work ethic that leverages superior technology and resources to deliver uniquely valuable client solutions.

Independence, Control and Transparency

Because Total Alignment’s business of financial planning and oversight depends so greatly on clients’ trust, Total Alignment and its advisors are not permitted to sell commissions-based financial products to clients, nor is the company permitted to receive referral fees from outside advisors who provide advice separately to our clients.  That is, Total Alignment will operate under a fully transparent, fee-only structure and be held to the highest fiduciary standard.  To ensure that Total Alignment’s business model remains pure and that the company is never controlled by those who might attempt to disrupt these independence and trust principles, ownership in Total Alignment will remain with either those who are clients or those who are advisors. At all times, principles of client-advisor alignment and empowerment will control.

Expertise and Superior Resources

To ensure that the expertise of Total Alignment’s advisors consistently remains at a superior level, all wealth advisors and investment officers are required to have an advanced financial-related credential – such as an MBA, law degree, Masters in Taxation, CPA, CFA and/or CFP® designation. In addition, all associates must be seeking such a degree or credential, and all employees will be subject to monthly competency testing by the Chief Wealth Advisor on various substantive financial planning topics as well as how to access Total Alignment’s superior resources through both technology and its clients’ existing advisors.

 Work Ethic, Attention, Diligence and Capacity

To ensure that Total Alignment has appropriate capacity to address the complex details involved in the various aspects of its Private Family Office clients’ financial lives, officers and managers of Total Alignment who service Private Family Office clients will not be permitted to work with more than 20 clients. In addition, within Total Alignment, employees will take a problem-solving and forward-looking approach to issues that are encountered.  As such, Total Alignment’s employees are encouraged to raise a client-related or company-related problem only if that employee also has a proposed solution to that problem.  To act otherwise would be counter-productive to Total Alignment’s progress and may stifle the independent and creative problem-solving skills that are fundamental to Total Alignment’s business.

Total Alignment Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee-only financial planning and multi-family office wealth advisory firm. Total Alignment was founded by a group of clients to provide a fully transparent and unbiased family wealth advisor to perform services typically beyond the scope of services other advisors were providing. We are proud to be able to offer our multi-disciplined expertise, superior research, proactive diligence and unique client-centric structure to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. Our comprehensive analysis, advanced financial planning technology, expert advisors, extensive network of outside advisor resources, and informative “what if” projections have reduced risks and excessive costs for our clients, in addition to saving them time on matters that they would otherwise have to manage themselves. We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your situation and whether Total Alignment would be a fit for you. We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 212-913-9110.